Author and Law Enforcement/Investigative Professional

Author and Law Enforcement/Investigative Professional


Who am I?

My three children and me.

I am a seventeen-year veteran of law enforcement, a Medal of Valor recipient, and have provided material support to the FBI, MBI, Gang Unit and various local, state and Federal agencies.  I specialize in mitigating hazards, procuring safety and security, and reducing liability by relying on my substantial law enforcement training and experience. 

I entered the private sector and excelled in corporate security, my proudest accomplishment being the formation and sustainment of the security division for a major medical company.

I earned a B.A. in History and am a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honors Society, graduating with a 3.91 GPA.

Growing up in Dallas, I had a life-long interest in the Kennedy assassination.  One of my many personal goals has been to write a scholarly book concerning the events of the assassination.  In June of 2019 that goal was realized with the publication of my first book, "Malcontent: Lee Harvey Oswald's Confession By Conduct".  I am currently researching my second book, "Hunter of Fascists: The Radicalization of Lee Harvey Oswald," which incorporates post-911 terrorism radicalization elements and correlates them to Oswald's nefarious actions during the Cold War era.

My children and I reside in the Central Florida area.

Photograph: Abandoned railroad near Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Emily Miles Photography.

Education & Training